Stories inspired by real locations and the people who inhabit them.

How To Be Part of the Sonic City Project

Sonic City is a nationwide initiative created by Spineless Wonders in collaboration with writers and sound designers aimed at activating public spaces with new and existing stories inspired by the local area.

We work with local councils, cultural festivals and writers organisations who are looking for innovative ways to share stories about their local area from the past, present and future.

We provide support in collecting, curating and producing audio-stories which can be accessed by strikingly-designed QR code stickers and flyers. Sonic City audio-stories can also be accessed via the interactive map on the Sonic City website.

For more information on how you can part of Sonic City, contact Bronwyn Mehan at 



Sonic City is a series of audio-stories, each under five minutes in length, produced by Spineless Wonders and Echidna Audio.

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