Sonic City Sydney by Spineless Wonders

The Melocco Brothers

1 Booth St, Annandale

Words by Kathy Prokhovnik | Sounds by Gio Sancho

The story of the Melocco Brothers reads like a case study of Italian migration to Sydney.

Talented migrant tile-makers leave their mark in iconic Sydney buildings.

About the Artists

KATHY PROKHOVNIK’S home-town is Sydney and she loves researching the diversity of its people and influences. She writes novels, short fiction and microfiction and blogs at

GIO SANCHO is a recent University of Technology Sydney graduate who is currently working freelance in audio engineering, sound design and composition. In the past, he has worked in various projects including film, podcasting, radio and 5.1 surround sound audio. In his spare time, he releases independent music, having his compositions and productions selected to feature in various Spotify editorial playlists.

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Stories and sounds of Sydney. Sonic City Sydney is a series of audio-stories, each under five minutes in length, produced by Spineless Wonders and Echidna Audio and funded by the City of Sydney.