Sonic City Sydney by Spineless Wonders

The Greenbench Slump

Chippendale Green, Central Park, O’Connor St, Chippendale

Words by Lucie Towers  | Sounds by Emily Hogan                                  

Their first date there had been going smoothly, until Blue Wren had slurred, slumped.

An unassuming bench plays host to some extraordinary escapades.

About the Artists

LUCIE TOWERS (she/her) is an illustrator, writer and children’s bookseller from Sydney. When she’s not reading or selling books, she loves making zines, writing stories, and feeding the monsters under her bed your lost socks. 

EMILY HOGAN is an audio engineer and sound designer with a passion for innovative storytelling through the audio medium. They have worked on a wide variety of projects, including sound design for the stage show p#rnscape for the 2019 Sydney Fringe Festival, and engineering for several podcast series for The Industry Observer, namely One Year Later and Fear at the Top. They are also experienced in sound design for film, and abstract audio art pieces.

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Stories and sounds of Sydney. Sonic City Sydney is a series of audio-stories, each under five minutes in length, produced by Spineless Wonders and Echidna Audio and funded by the City of Sydney.